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THE AWARD – Ameublement français

Whilst illustrating its core activities the annual awards nomination held by Ameublement français highlights outstanding professional development in the industry and supports talented men and women’s work. A jury of experts specialised in interior architecture, design and furnishing distinguished the XYZ Lounge for its unique style, thought out design and equipment, as well as for creativity & innovative technology.

THE PROJECT – A retro futuristic place bursting with physicality and sensuality

The aim was to refurnish the space and redefine the use of the reception area at the versatile Zebrastraat complex: housing – culture – business.

According to Paris-based architect Didier Faustino (Bureau des Mesarchitectures) who designed the project «the XYZ lounge, conscious of its duality, projects us into a romanticism of science fiction, crossing over into an unknown yet familiar elsewhere».

THE MATERIAL – Aboard the XYZ Lounge Breccia Gold marble leaves to conquer the space

The omnipresence of the marble feels reinforced due to employment of big, 270x270cm, sections each forming a cross for wall cladding. Standardly measuring 60kg per square meter in 2cm thickness our marble panels used for the XYZ Lounge weight as little as 18kg per square meter and are simply fixed onto a rail track for plaster walls. Their lightness and resistance derive from the alliance of the natural stone with an aluminium honeycomb support structure – technology developed for aeronautics industry.

Given Brocatelle’s technical expertise, the XYZ Lounge invites us to look at marble with fresh eyes and admire how this traditional material has been integrated into a futuristic universe.

OUR VALUES – The Company

Designer’s talent, client’s boldness and confidence granted to Brocatelle have allowed us to display the French craftsmanship foundation stones such as high quality standards, passion for noble, natural materials and deadline compliance on national as well as international level.

Brocatelle is keen on delivering those tailor-made, standing out of the ordinary projects and devotes itself to realisation of architectural design aligned with client needs.

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