Logo Brocatelle

What an elegant look! Do you feel the vintage vibe? Like a time machine, our car is ready to bring you on holidays back to 1970s!

With its geometrical forms and swingy patterns, it zigzags between the world of art and the universe of bespoke craftsmanship. The path was outlaid according to Leonard de Vinci principles, celebrated during the 58th edition of the Salone Del Mobile and the Fuorisalone 2019, as well as at Louvre’s exceptional exposition dedicated to his inventions. Our lightweight marble on honeycomb structure would have certainly pleased the Master for its lightness, resistance and inventiveness!

The car is the fruit of collaboration between a French fashion house Saint Laurent and an American vintage toys brand Candylab.

A supplementary touch of pep is added with the pattern, which represents a sublime black-and-white striped zebra coat, thus adding the notions of dynamism, speed and vivacity, and carrying us to the African savannahs at the heart of Paris.

As her twin sister entirely made of Black Silk marble and exhibited in LA, the zebra-car will travel the world as an ambassador of the brand.

For both of the cars Brocatelle used 5 mm lightweight marble (Black Silk or/and White Statuary) on 20 mm honeycomb structure.   

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