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As usual during the venue, the whole city transformed into a giant playground for a time trial! For starters, there are at the very least 1200 events of all kinds: to the right a coven hosts a luxurious fashion scenography, to the left an open-air art installation inspires the passers-by, not to mention sumptuous “palazzi” and industrial warehouses all joining in for six days of art and design. The resulting blend of styles and historical periods swipes one of his feet!

This rich and immersive experience creates a remarkably nurturing environment that serves both for trends monitoring and as an inspiration source. Beyond doubt, Brocatelle appreciated this special occasion to accompany our clients.

The present year our hearts beat strong once again – ovviamente! for creations in marble and particularly for the colour reaffirming itself in the world of the natural stone.

A great example represents the White Beauty, which is a fine-grained marble displaying a white/pearl-gray background punctuated with black veins and a tonic green inlay radiating light and refreshment. It captivates and carries us away to the world where young spring sprouts creep up the limestone cliffs bleached by the sun.

At the restaurant LE MANZONI designed by TOM DIXON, the mineral texture of the White Beauty marble echoes with the lavish vegetal scenography of the place.

DELCOURT COLLECTION unveils impressive coffee tables GEO at the SPOTTI Milano showroom. Their design is a harmonious mixture of lines and materials marrying this glowing marble and the dark structured wood.

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