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For 29 years, the Auguste Comte neighbourhood welcomes us on the first Thursday of October and invites for an evening stroll in the heart of Lyon.

The street of the same name dresses in a beautiful red carpet and becomes entirely pedestrian allowing visitors to discover, among other things, art galleries, antique stores, fine restaurants, fashion and interior design retailers – a total of 150 local shops.

Each year, Brocatelle, an active member of the Quartier Auguste Comte association, participates in these local festivities celebrating the history of the street, its contemporary life and the overall way of life à la lyonnaise.

On this occasion, we are delighted to welcome at our showroom the exhibition signed Hervé Jaunet, an artist who creates natural stone panels that enhance his traditional expertise and materials knowledge allowing him to produce contemporary works of art. The latter invite us to contemplate and admire the breathing, living stone reminiscent of the botanical forms and the underwater world.   

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